Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Guess who turned 21 today?  I'll give you a hint: His baseball card may or may night be slightly north of this sentence.

Can you believe that Marlins phenom Jose Fernandez is just turning the tender age of 21?  And already he's won seven big league games while posting an ERA south of 3 through 20 starts.  Not to mention an All-Star game appearance.  Not to mention a 13-strikeout, 8-inning gem against the Pirates last Sunday.  Not to mention he's doing this on a team with the worst record in the league.

He's certainly got my attention.  And the attention of the entire baseball community, for sure.

Thankfully, the Mets will miss him and his devastating curveball during the current four-game series down in the Miami Municipal Fish Tank.  All the more reason to wish the youngster a happy birthday!

The above Bowman Chrome mini was a COMC purchase a couple weeks ago.

So was this Bowman Top 100.

Ditto for this 2011 Bowman Chrome refractor.

I've been in my own little Mets world of late, thus I forgot to give these cards the love and attention they deserve.  I put in the order for these a day or so before Mrs. K surprised me with a pair of Jose cards, including the regular non-refractor version of the Chrome card.  So, I felt a little bad after the fact for ordering these on my own.  But, not that bad, since each was very economically priced.

Fernandez.  Harvey.  Strasburg.  Boy , the N.L. East is certainly stocked with some young, Grade-A arms!


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