Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching Up (With a Little Help From My Friends), Pt. 2

This attractive 2002 Fleer Tradition jersey card of former Mets All-Star Edgardo Alfonzo comes courtesy of Bert at Swing and a Pop-Up.  It arrived at Kaz Manor recently in the form of a PWE.

Along with the card, a note which reads:  I have no idea why a swatchless Robin Ventura is on the back of this card.

Me neither, Bert.  Me neither.  Perhaps as a reminder to Robin how soulless one can look while wearing Yankee pinstripes as compared to the blue and orange of New York's National League baseball club.

Regardless, this becomes my second relic card of Fonzie.  A decisively fine addition to the collection, as well.

Thanks much, and have fun squashing the Bronx Bummers this weekend...


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