Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Four Topps, #24

In today's edition of Four Topps, I've decided to give Random.org a break and, instead, take a cue from a special occasion to choose a number for this exercise.  And that number is 24.

Because today is this guy's birthday:

What, you thought I was honoring the return of Kiefer Sutherland or something?  Bah!

So let's have a peek at which players will grace card No. 24 from the 1987 through 1990 Topps sets, shall we? I'm sure it'll be epic!


Erm, okay, well this isn't the start I was anticipating, but what can we say about Tony Walker?  Well, he didn't wear uniform number 24 (he worse 30) and he didn't hit 660 home runs (he had exactly two in a robust major league career spanning 84 games during one season).  He, uh...  Okay, I got nothin'.  Hey, Stat Man:  Had three hits, including a two-run homer, in 4-3 victory over Phillies on July 12, 1986.


Okie dokie, another Astro.  And this time a pitcher.  San Francisco was one of Deshaies' six big league stops, as he appeared in five games for the Giants in 1993.  That's about the only Say Hey parallel you're getting here. Hey, Stat Man:  Hurled a complete game four-hitter at Pirates on May 25, 1987.


Oh for the love of St. Peter.  Another Houston Astro??  Andersen was a pretty good reliever during his time but he'll mostly be remembered as the guy that was traded for Jeff Bagwell.  No one ever said life was fair or just, right?  Hey, Stat Man:  Appeared in 53 games for the 'Stros in 1988, compiling a 2.94 ERA in relief.


And the hex of Houston Astros is broken by Joe Hesketh of the Montreal Expos.  Still not the most inspiring card, and no trace of Willie's legacy with this choice.  But, it's not another Astro, and I'm sure the greatest CF of of all time would be happy about that.  Hey, Stat Man:  Won six games out of the pen and logged three saves for Montreal in 1989.

And the Winner Is:  Talk about letdown.  If I could pick none of the above, I'd opt for that.  However, that kind of defeats the point of this feature.  So, with that in mind, I'll go with the '88 Deshaies, as I think it has the best photo choice.

Oh, and an interesting note about today's cards:  Two of the four players featured here are current MLB broadcasters.  Deshaies handles commentator duties for Cubs TV while Andersen is the color man for the Phillies radio network.  In case anyone cares (I thought it was pretty neat).



  1. Ouch, tough choices there indeed. I think I'd vote for Hesketh because it's just so obnoxiously bad, and I have a soft spot for '90 Topps.

  2. What?!!

    Hesketh was robbed. He was always one of my favorite Expos.

  3. I think Topps used roughly the same numbers for teams in back to back sets often.


  4. Expos cards are just great. But, is that the largest glove a pitcher has ever worn? Seriously, Hesketh: downsize or head to the outfield...