Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amazin' Archives Ink

I am a lucky fella!  Lucky that I know Marcus of Backstop Cards, and lucky that he pulled this totally gorgeous Johnny Franco auto out of a 2015 Archives blaster not too long ago.  He contacted me through Twitter to see if I was interested (seriously?!?) and I jumped all over it!  I've been scoping out eBay listings for this exact card for a few weeks, trying to find a suitable asking price.  And, now here it is, fallen into my lap.  Isn't it just awesome when that happens??

This is right up there among the favorite auto cards in my collection.  It's on an '89 Topps design (my true love!) and it features a great photo of the longtime Mets fireman.  He happens to have a nice signature, too. I mean, it's kinda the perfect card, isn't it?

Marcus, buddy, I can't thank you enough for this amazin' card!  A happy Fourth to you and the family, my friend.



  1. I caved in and bought a blaster of Archives (combination of surprise of it being available so soon at my target, being sucker for the Will Ferrell gimmick, and your posting). Needless to say, I'll be buying a few more to complete the "regular" set. I love the card stock on the backs. The base needs to be done like that. It's a fair compromise for traditionalist like myself and the new generation who like shiny things of little substance.

    That Franco is awesome.

  2. You're right, it's definitely a rad looking card, but it just wouldn't have looked right in my collection, it was destined for better things. Glad you got it!