Monday, July 27, 2015

deVariation of deGrom

In honor of Jacob deGrom's masterful performance against the hated Dodgers on Sunday afternoon, may I present to you the newest addition to my collection.  This is a photo variation from Series 2 Topps that I picked up off eBay for under five bucks, including shipping.  I thought that was a pretty good bargain since most of these things start at seven or eight bucks plus shipping.

Anyhow, this is a pretty neat card of the All-Star righty.  In 99% of the cases, I wish Topps would use these "variations" as the primary cards.  But, what are you gonna do?

As for deGrom's most recent gem, how does 7 2/3 shutout innings with two hits, one walk and eight strikeouts sound?  Not to mention an RBI fielder's choice that snapped Zack Greinke's scoreless innings streak at 45 2/3.

Of course, because it's the Mets, deGrom received a no-decision when Familia coughed up two in the ninth. But, at least the Mets won it in extras.

One last interesting factoid: This card is the 6,666th unique Mets card in my collection.



  1. Great card, I think that's a solid deal at under $5. I can't believe the rate at which you're adding new Mets cards!

  2. Nice find! I wish these photo SPs were a tad cheaper, because about 90 percent of them are cards I'd really, really like to add to my collection.

  3. Great looking card!I always thought that between he and Harvey, Wheeler would emerge as the top dawg In our rotation.Turns out Degrom nixed them both.I've always envied the Braves pitching staff back when Smoltz,Glavine,Maddux,etc. ran things.It's nice now to have a few guys that could quite possibly become as good or even better then that Braves staff.

  4. Heh heh, not to boast, but I pulled Jacob's regular card, this variation, his Stepping Up insert, and the Gold version of his regular (horizontal card) all from the same hobby box.
    Okay, I am boasting!
    Oh, and for your all-time Mets project, there was a pack of 5 unique cards in the Mets branded 2008 Topps Factory set, including some guys who have no other Mets card.
    Cheers from England, Paul aka LordPaddington on Zistle

    1. Right you are, my friend! Those '08s are some elusive cards for sure.

      Oh, and you have every reason to boast -- that is one hell of a hobby box!