Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dos Darryls

Correspondence recently received through the mail from a certain Wallach-loving attorney at law in New Mexico:
"Didn't see these on your player collection list, but they're not the worst cards to have doubles of.  Thanks for the Wallachs."
The contents of the white envelope included the card you see above -- one I've long been pining for.  Certainly not a double, and truly a wonderful surprise to receive in exchange for a few Tim Wallach cards.  Do I need to state that this '84 Topps beauty is the new apex of my Strawberry collection?

The other card contained in this mailing unfortunately is a duplicate, but as the letter accurately suggests, that's not the worst outcome in the world.

I found a copy this '84 Fleer in the 50-cent box at my local card shop a couple months ago and quickly snatched it up.  And now, thanks to my Wallach-loving friend, I have another which will reside in my Mets binder.  If I wasn't such a snob for Topps, I might consider this my favorite of Darryl's regular-issue rookies. Judging by the drab-colored seating the background, my guess is that this photo was taken in Montreal, where Strawberry displayed a prodigious power stroke or two during his prime years..

Mr. Stackhouse, this was a wonderful gesture, sir.  Thanks a million for the pair of Straws!


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