Monday, April 22, 2013

Show-Offs: 2012 Panini Prizm Baseball

It's been a busy few days for your's truly.  So much so, that this is the first chance I've gotten to blog about the cards I picked up at Friday's sports card and memorabilia show at Concord Mall up in Wilmington, Del. Unlike the monthly firehouse show, the Concord Show pops up about every other month or so and features lots of other sellers that I'm not as familiar with.  Plus, it's free to attend cos, well, it's at the mall.

So, I figure I'll spend a few posts recapping some of my recent pick-ups.  All packaged into a series of ramblings I've cleverly title "Show-Offs."

This seminal entry will be highlighting perhaps the most pleasant surprise for me, which were a few 2012 Panini Prism cards.

The copyright on the back says 2013 and, for active players, the 2012 season statline is featured, yet these are 2012 Prizm cards from Paninin.  I haven't yet come across these at any shows and was fairly impressed with them.  I suppose this is Panini's top-shelf baseball product.  Regardless, I much prefer this to the Triple Play cartoon cards.

One of the dime boxes I encountered had a pretty decent run of these cards, but I carefully plucked those that I felt I could not live without.  Obviously, that includes Will Clark, decked in his airbrushed Texas Rangers uni.

Yaz?  Heck yeah!  Very pleased to see Panini featuring Carl Yastrzemski, who has taken his place among the HOFers that Topps ignores for whatever reason -- contractually or otherwise.

Speaking of guys Topps doesn't acknowledge...

The Hit King himself, Pete Rose.  The Rose-only retrospective set Panini produced seems a bit much for me, but this card from Prizm is right on the money.  Cool photo from late in Rose's career.  It's refreshing to see him on some new cards!

I had to get one current player, and Stanton was my choice.  I'm really trying to grow my Giancarlo collection, and this is a neat one to add.

I like these a lot, actually.  Especially for a dime apiece.  And I'm not tremendously put off by the blank caps and jersey tops.  After all, they're no different from the fun and quirky Post or Quaker Chewy cards that we all loved from the '80s and early '90s. Pick the right players for your checklist and I can overlook a lot.

I'll be sure to look for more of these at future shows.



  1. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the Prizm product, but that Yaz is pretty neat! Not bad for a dime, I'd say.

  2. Those Prizms look super-dooper shiny. I probably have to have a few of those, of my guys at least. By the way, I've been calling my card show posts "Card Show-off" for quite a while, but I'm happy to share, and happy you also find it clever. Great minds, my friends, great minds.