Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Four Topps, #65

When coming about the card number for today's edition of Four Topps, I decided to give the day off. Instead, and in honor of my little guy's birth weight (6 lbs., 5 oz.), I selected card no. 65 as the subject for this study in Topps baseball between 1987 and '90.

And away we go!


Browning looks like a bad dude in this photo.  And, indeed, he wasn't a man to mess with during his prime playing days, which began in the mid 1980s and stretched into the early '90s.  He's got a perfect game, an All-Star apperance and a World Series ring on his resume.  He apparently was also superstitious and didn't shave between starts, resulting in the sort of facial scruff you see on this card.  Hey, Stat Man:  Started a league-high 39 games for the Reds in 1986, posting a 14-13 record.


Speaking of badasses, how about Leon "Bull" Durham?  A two-time All-Star, Durham was a Chicago mainstay for most of the '80s, posting 20 homers five times.  He even posted a nifty 20-20 season in 1982.  But, when you boil it down, it's all about the aviator specs and the meticulously trimmed goatee, right?  Hey, Stat Man:  Leon clubbed a career-best 27 homers for the Cub in 1987.


More doughy than gruff in appearance, Rick Reuschel was nonetheless a quality pitcher for many years.  His career ledger includes 214 wins, three All-Star appearances and a pair of Gold Gloves.  Reuschel was the NL's starting pitcher in the '89 Midsummer's Classic, letting up a pair of runs in one inning of work.  Looks like Rick is warming up in the Giants "bullpen" in this card.  Hey, Stat Man:  Rick fashioned 19 wins and a 3.12 ERA for San Francisco in 1988.


Chalk this up as one of those cards from 1990 Topps that I didn't come to appreciate til way after the fact.  When I finally got around to putting my '90 Topps set in a binder a few years back, this one really stood out to me.  I definitely dig the warm-up jacket Devo is sporting as we find him in the tail end of a smooth practice cut.  Great looking card.  Hey, Stat Man:  Devo swiped 44 bags and racked up an All-Star bid and a Gold Glove for the 1989 Angels.

And the Winner Is:  This is a really great foursome, but I like that '90 Devo card way too much.  Props to the '88 Durham, as well.


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