Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Week in the Baby Book (and ATMP Progress)


The past week has been a whirlwind.  One week ago today, Mrs. K and I brought out little guy home from the hospital.  And since then, it's been non-stop baby swaddling and diaper changing... and little sleep, of course.  But, it's been an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Also, please let me extend my most sincere gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful wishes and sentiments that many of you left in the comments section of my last post.  That means a lot to Mrs. K and me, truly.  And we are happy to report that both baby and momma are doin' just fine!

In between fits of crying and desperate little screams for feeding or changing (or both), I've been busy with the All-Time Mets Project.  Logging cards, organizing them, and admiring the final product.  You know, the stuff us collectors do to take a timeout from life and relax for a few minutes.

The last Sunday of 2013, the local fire house's sports card show featured a vendor with a few discount vintage boxes that netted me some older players to the tune of 10 for a dollar.  The general condition of these cards wasn't great, but for cards from the '60 and '70s I'm not as much a stickler for condition.  Besides, for a dime, who cares??

Besides the vintage Mets, I also picked up a few neat odds and ends for my various collections, including the Seaver Press Pass card up top.  Someday, I hope to own a jacket just like the one George Thomas is sporting. I figure it'll be in style again by the time Gabriel is in high school.  If not, it'll still be fun to wear when I meet his prom date.

Also, just at the start of the new year, I made my first purchase and the cards arrived just the other day.  I've read the accounts others have written about this site, and I must say that I was quite pleased with the prices, selection and quickness of delivery.  I was able to knock out quite a few non-traditional needs for the Project...nearly 60 new players and over 100 new cards total!

A few of my top favorites...

Finally found a Tony Phillips card!!!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hopefully, in the near future I'll delve further into my hual.

And, because they are "just commons," most of these cards are in the dime-to-quarter range.  If you're a team collector of a set collector and you haven't used the site before, definitely check it out. The best part: If you spend at least 10 bucks, the shipping is free!  I know I'll be placing another order again soon.

Thanks for checking in, and happy collecting!


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  1. Good to hear everyone in the family is doing well, Mark!

    Those vintage cards for a dime is an absolute steal. Glad you're on board the Just Commons wagon now. That Bradford is one of my favorites, the only card he ever had as a Met.

    P.S. -- You may have a couple new ones for your ATMP checklist coming your way soon. And some other stuff.