Friday, May 15, 2015

Queen is Killer in '15

All things being equal, I think Topps has really had a solid baseball card year thus far.  The flagship set's design is colorful and interesting; Heritage is solid as usual; and even Bowman is looking good.

I know many are normally critical of Gypsy Queen, but I think Topps got it right with GQ this year, also.  Then again, I'm not as down on this set as others are perhaps.  It's not my favorite release, but I certainly don't dislike it.  GQ cards are always welcome in my collection and, more often than not, I kinda dig their funky designs.

Thus, I was excited when recently Douglas from Dollar Store Cards rained down upon me a complete non-SP team set of Mets from '15 Gpysy Queen.  On top of that, some minis and inserts, too!  Seems that Douglas took part in a case break and had plenty of extras to spare.  I'm a lucky guy to be the recipient of the extra spoils!

So, here they are, the 15 Mets base cards from this year's GQ, presented numerically in uninterrupted glory...

The player selection is pretty solid and I like the inclusion of Piazza and Mookie as 'throwback' players.  The SP checklist includes familiar staples Seaver, Gooden and Carter.  I'll worry about hunting those down some other time.

Now onto the minis...

Great looking lot!  Three of the four are actually image variations -- the exception being Daniel Murphy.

Finally, the inserts.  You already saw one of them in the lead-off card spot in this post, featuring Lenny Dykstra from the Walk Off Winners insert set.  A great concept and awesome execution!

This one ain't too shabby, either...

Pretty iconic image choice from an iconic game.

I like the idea behind these Queen's Throwbacks inserts, but presenting the images in sepia (or whatever this is) is kind of disappointing in my opinion.  The whole allure of throwback jerseys is how colorful they often are. These Royal Giants unis are deep blue with blistering orange lettering.  Yet all that is lost on this card. Nonetheless, it's a cool idea and I have to at least appreciate something a little bit different.

Thanks for hooking me up with these Metsies, Douglas!

And, of course, a package from Douglas is never complete without a few new Gabriels for my collection...

Gotta love that shiny Select Landeskog card.  A real beaut!

Once again, Douglas, thanks a bunch for your thoughtfulness and generosity!



  1. With a title like that to a post, would it be out of order to suggest that Bartolo Colon is a Fat Bottomed Met?

  2. Score! Well, looks like 1 of the 9 cards I have en route to you is gonna be a dupe!

  3. Still not the biggest fan of the base design, but that Dysktra insert sure is stunning.