Monday, November 3, 2014

YDF, 11.3.14

2014 Topps Update #US-126

Finally, my first taste of 2014 Update!  I ran some errands Sunday morning [Ed. Note: Bills bye week, had to try and busy myself somehow!] and my travels took me to my local Target, which is historically slow to get new trading card products on their shelves.  Alas, they had the goods this time.

Anyhow, I grabbed one pack for Gabriel to add to his 2014 pack cache and, of course, one pack for daddy.

The pack I busted contained two Mets, including this badass Omar Quintanilla card!  I'm glad Q finally got his due, even though it's a year too late.  He shoulda been in last year's Update series since he played 95 games for the Amazins in 2013 as opposed to just 15 in this season passed.  But, yeah, better late than never.

Furthermore, Quintanilla represents the newest addition to the All-Time Mets Project, so I'm not complaining!


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