Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat!

'Twas the day before Halloween when I came home from work was greeted with a pile of mail on the kitchen table.  Included therein was a PWE from Pat of Hot Corner Cards, which meant I was in store for a few great Mets cards.

Keith Hernandez has a lot of great cards, but maybe my favorite of them all is his '90 Topps.  Not only is it his final 'regular' (read: non-Traded or oddball) Topps card, but it's a pretty awesome photo of Mex, replete with full-blown stirrups and pine tar rag.

I didn't realize this card had made the cut when Topps did its 2001 Archives set, but I'm glad it did!

Happy days at Shea during the late '90s normally concluded with John Franco on the mound, recording the final outs of a Mets win.  So, this card always makes me wistful for the good ol' days when the Mets weren't a mess.  I've got a copy of this in my collection presently, BUT this will be an awesome addition to my Horizontal Heroes frankenset.

I guess it's appropriate to have a 'frankenset' mention on Halloween, no?

Lastly, my seminal Jon Matlack card!  I'm not really sure how Matlack has eluded my collection to this point, but that's trivial now.  This is a great card to be the first, and one that's been on my wish list for some time.  It's Matlack's second Topps card and his only horizontal card.

Pat, thanks for the treats!  And congrats on reaching the 9K mark with your Tigers collection!


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