Friday, February 13, 2015

YDF, 2.13.15: Variation Nation

2015 Topps #136 (Photo Variation)

Yer Daily Fix today comes courtesy of the 72-card hanger box that I recently cracked open.  I really do love the whole photo variation thing by Topps.  These cards are hard to come by, but they ain't impossible, as evidenced here.  I haven't seen any lists or pictures of all the Series 1 photo variations, but I knew this was one of 'em right away since it was mixed into the middle of the card brick with the rest of the inserts.

Anyhow, what do you think is going on in this photo?  Manny looks like he might be agitated, thus being restrained by Trout.  Then again, he also could be doing a Joe Pesci impersonation. Who knows!


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