Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Clubhouse Connection

Believe it or not, I still make trades outside of Zistle.  The most recent of these was with Adam of Cardboard Clubhouse.  A couple of guys who run blogs with the word clubhouse in their names were bound to pull off a trade eventually, right?

The shiny, golden Kevin Plawecki card you see up top prompted the trade.  As soon as I saw it on Adam's blog, I knew I had to make a play for it!  I only have a handful of cards from this past year's Update Chrome product. None of them are Mets and certainly none are a gold number like this.  Numbered to 250, in case you were curious.  A beauty of a card!

Lucky for me, Adam also had some other Mets odds 'n ends that he was looking to clear out.  I was all too happy to receive them.  Among the highlights of Adam's goodwill is this deGrom insert from '15 Update.  I hadn't seen this card before it arrived in Adam's delivery, so it was a pretty cool surprise!

Speaking of surprises, it was definitely neat to find this Ike Davis relic card in the mix.  My third card from 2014 Donruss Game Gear.  No logos, no license, no problem as far as I'm concerned.  Would this card be better with MLB consent?  Perhaps.  But it's still a nice-looking card of the former Mets first-bagger.

The best part of Adam's extras was that many of them patched up holes in my Mets want/need list.

From 1988, this is a Topps League Leaders mini of the Straw.  I really enjoyed these little sets from the late '80s.  At some point, I'd like to acquire the complete sets of each.

Some base needs from last year's Topps flagship.  I haven't found any 2016 cards yet, but I'm okay with that. I've seen lots of images and reviews online thus far, and I'm not breathless over the newest edition.  I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but it's gonna take some warming.

Of course, I still need cards from '92 Topps.  Because, why not?  I'll always have a soft spot for this set.

Ditto for '92 Leaf.  I got a hobby box of the stuff (Series 1) for Easter that year.  And, I'm now just a Bobby Bonilla shy of completing this team set thanks to these two pickups.

It's always nice to find '86 Topps in any sort of mystery mix.  Even if it's just Tom Gorman.

A new Steve Trachsel card is an underrated pleasure.  Or is that just me?

And a couple of early Upper Deck cards to round out the highlights.

But wait, there's more!

The most novel piece to Adam's trade package was also the most unorthodox.

I didn't make the scan big just for the heck of it.  Rather, this is a Diamond King box-topper from 2014 Donruss. Can you beat that?!?

My first Mets box-topper, and a pretty amazin' one at that.  Do they make binder pages to accommodate these things?  I guess I'll have to look into that.

Thanks for the terrific trade, Adam!  Hopefully not the last of the exchanges between our respective clubhouses!



  1. Oooh a boxtopper.Never had one of these.He may not be what he used to be ,but he's a pretty damn good captain.I like the way he went down after Flores during that whole crying incident.I'll never forget that.

  2. I'm not a big relic fan, but I've always liked those Donruss Game Gear cards.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the cards Mark!