Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One Met at a Time, Vol. 6

[Ed. Note: Since my Mets collection recently eclipsed the 7.5k plateau, I figured it might be fun to drop in a few single-card posts here and there to celebrate the achievement.]

Player:  Alberto Castillo

Card Info:  1994 Bowman, #23

Is 1994 Bowman the best of the modern Bowman sets?  I dunno, but I think it's got a place at the table if you're ever having the discussion.  Unless I'm mistaken, I think it's the only Bowman set that went full-bleed photo on the front.  Castillo, by the way, was a Met for four seasons.  His defining moment was a pinch-hit, walk-off single in the 14th to sink the Phillies in the '98 season opener.

As of this post, I have four cards of Alberto in my Mets collection.


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