Monday, February 22, 2016

Zistle the 25th

My 25th Zistle trade largely centered around 2014 Topps Heritage, one of the most aesthetically pleasing Heritage sets of them all.  Slowly but surely, I'm closing in on completion of the base portion of this set.  Thanks to this exchange--which I orchestrated with member ZinnBeck--I'm now just one measly card shy of rounding up all 425 non-short prints from the '14 set.

The above Johan was actually a 'Mets collection' need.  But, each of the following patched a hole in my 2014 Heritage checklist:





Should anyone be curious, the one freakin' card that I'm missing is #353, Rickie Weeks.  Then I'll be down to just ripping my hair out (and shredding my bank roll) over the SPs.

In addition to the '14 Heritage needs, I also netted another couple of cards for the ol' Mets collection.

Panini did a bang-up job with their 2015 Diamond Kings, in my estimation.  Can you imagine how crazy good these would be with team logos and true team colors, etc.??  Even without 'em, these are still pretty great!

So that's it for No. 25 in the Zistle trade ledger.  A rather smallish trade, but one built on the foundation of necessity.  And, that ain't a bad thing.


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