Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bowling for Brewers (aka Zistle the 26th)

Not every card on my Zistle want list is a Mets card, believe it or not.  The header card is proof positive.

Maybe--just maybe--this Prince Fielder masterpiece from 2010 is the best Card No. 1 in Topps flagship set history.  What do you think?  Good player, very unique photo, and it's horizontal.

In case you were curious, I specifically targeted an extra copy of this one for my Horizontal Heroes frankenset.  I haven't done much with that over the past few months, but I haven't forgotten about it!  It's a stone-cold lock for the No. 1 slot in that little project.

This one, along with the cards you'll see in the remainder of this post are courtesy of fellow Zistler jaysfan46.  It's my 26th Zistle trade and it includes a little bit of everything.

Including a few base Mets I was missing...

There aren't enough hugs on cards, are there?  Glavine and former Mets skipper Willie Randolph sharing a moment here.

This small-scale exchange even netted me a pair of short prints from 2015 Topps Heritage!

I haven't managed to wrangle any new Heritage as of yet.  We took a little family shopping trip to Walmart on Sunday morning, but alas there was nothing to be found in the way of the new stuff.  Kind of a bummer.

Anyhow, another trade in the books.  No other trades pending at this time, which is a good thing since I have so much to do in terms of organization and such.


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  1. Nice little trade and that Fielder is gonna be tough to bump out of slot number 1 for sure!