Monday, August 15, 2016

Four Thors

Have you ever placed a baseline bid for something on eBay that you're confident you won't win?  And you forget about it since you know you won't win it?  And then you get an email from eBay several days later asking you why you didn't pay for the auction you won?

Such was the case with a four card lot of Noah Syndergaard cards I unexpectedly fell into last week.  I treated the opening bid of $1.99 like a Ronco grill -- aka set it and forget it.  I really wanted the cards, but I wasn't excited about the prospect of engaging in a pissing contest with some other lunatic and paying more than I intended to.  So, I left-clicked for two bucks and went on with my day.

Well, fortune was in my favor, apparently and no other bids came in.  Boy did I feel foolish when eBay sent me a reminder email nearly a week later about squaring up.  I made sure to email the seller and apologize profusely for my tardiness and immediately paid.  The guy was cool, and said he was equally surprised that I scooped up the cards for a song.

Anyhow, all the cards are from this year's Heritage and include the regular short print pictured in the lead-off spot.  It's my second copy of this card, but the other is locked into my complete set chase.

Then there's the Chrome version.

And the fancy purple Chrome refractor.

But, as much as I enjoy those three, the real highlight of the foursome is this one:

Thor in Action!

I've been shopping for a reasonably-priced copy of this action variation for a few months.  Suffice to say, I'm thrilled to pick it up -- plus three extra cards -- for one very reasonable cost.

It's funny how the eBay universe works sometimes, isn't it?



  1. Cool cards for such a low price.

    I do that a lot...just throw a lowball snipe at something and blow it off when the 'your snipe is too low' email comes. But every once in awhile....

  2. Great pick up. The action variation card is great with the follow thru on the swing and the nice big rookie cup.

    Every once in a while that happens to me as well. My most recent was getting a Panini America's Pastime dual jersey booklet of Willie McCovey and Juan Marichal for the opening bid of $5.

  3. Love it! The low-ball bid that you toss out there and then move on from should be referred to from now on as the "Ronco". Cracked me up, haven't thought about those infomercials in ages!

  4. Four Thors and seven years ago...

    Fantastic pickup! I would be happy to get just the action card for $2.

  5. You could expect to pay $2 for just the short-printed base Thor... But we'll send you not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Thor cards for the low price of just $1.99! Quantities are limited, so call now!

    (I just had to make a second smart-ass comment...)