Friday, July 27, 2012

Mail Call: David Wright SP

I guess you can chalk this up to coincidence.  Yesterday I made a big stink about Topps recycling the same photo of David Wright for three different 2012 cards.  And, yesterday, after posting about said cards, I checked my mailbox to find...David Wright.  Well, at least David Wright in cardboard form.

I won an online auction for this guy late last week:

You can't get a more classic picture of David than this.  He is so photogenic, isn't he?  And Topps didn't even have to use a picture that had been plastered on 15 other cards already.  (Not that I know of, at least.)

Anyhow, this fine looking 2011 Topps Heritage card is an SP, and therefore usually hard to fetch via auction unless you're willing to pay something unreasonable.  However, I got lucky and won it for mere pocket change (plus shipping).  All in all, a good deal!

So now I have David's Heritage SPs from this year and last.  Woo!

All is Wright with the world!  [Ed. Note: Sorry, couldn't help it...]


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