Monday, November 5, 2012

Cards from Cards on Cards

I recently worked out a Heritage-themed trade with Kerry at Cards on Cards.  I was more than happy to pick up some additions for my 2011 and 2012 base sets.  And I even picked up a couple of great non-Heritage parallels of a pair of Mets hurlers.

First, the Heritage goodies.

It's only appropriate I get a Cards card from Cards on Cards, right?  This pair of base cards puts me a mere 17 shy of completing my 2012 quest.  Any other 2012 Heritage collectors out there looking to complete their set and/or swap doubles?  Give me a shout!

Kerry had 21 cards on this 2011 Heritage trade list that I needed for my set.  How great are these three horizontal cards?!  I especially love the Cabrera.

And, for good measure, I was able to negotiate these two parallels from this year's Topps set:

I'm a sucker for the Wal-Mart blue and Target red parallels.  Color me a sap.  And, the gold sparkle cards are of course very snazzy.  I just hate how bad they curl up, like the Chrome and Finest cards are wont to do.  Not cool.

A very pleasurable deal, Kerry.  Thanks very much!


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