Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Phillies and a Tiger walk into a bar...

...and totally... 

...complete my...

...Topps Series 2 base set!

[Ed. Note: Oh, I know, that was dreadful. But it had to be done...]

Today's mail delivery turned what had been a forgettable day -- replete with an agonizing trip to the dentist -- into an absolute winner.  Jason from Alaska, who happens to be the man behind Jason's Card Therapy, contacted me last week and was gracious enough to offer up the final three cards I needed to polish off my Series 2 checklist.  

And today, the much-anticipated envelope containing those three cards arrived.  It figures two of the pesky cards that I was missing were stinkin' Phillies, but I digress.  I'm just thrilled to finally complete the quest.

Jason, many thanks to you, sir.  You've made me a very happy collector today!


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