Monday, March 18, 2013

Show & Tell

First impressions are pretty important, right?  Well, that's what mom and dad and teacher and priest and crossing guard told us all those years growing up.  I think there's obviously a good amount of truth to it all, even though I've been dead wrong about a lot of people and inanimate objects after judging them in a positive light initially.  Though, I digress.

Anyhow, I just completed my first trade with Hot Corner Cards's chief, Pat, and I'm pretty sure I'm right on target with him after getting his yellow mailer in today's delivery.

He's freakin' awesome!

After all, he came through with a mind-blowing assortment of cards.  Couple that with the fact that he used the back of a 1990 Eric Show Topps card to send his written greetings.  Safe to say, this is both a generous and creative dude.  And I'm extremely happy to have added him to my list of trading partners.

Let's see what I got...

The Pavlovian call went out when I saw Pat post word of this David Wright SP on his snazzy blog a couple weeks back.  I had to have it!  That's what got the whole trade brewing.  And, like a chocoholic who busts into a king-sized Mr. Goodbar after a fortnight of fasting, I felt tremendously satisfied when I held this card at last.

Six more wonderful 2013 Heritage short prints made the journey with Captain America (I know, I know, I'm sorry, I'm actually kinda sick of the moniker, too) .

A lovely array of cardboard, lots of bright colors and old-school poses.  I'm still trying to process the new-look Astros.  And forget about the league change; I'll probably still be looking for them in the NL Central standings til August.

But the short print parade isn't quite over yet!

Yessir!  Still slowly, but surely working my way through the 2011 Heritage checklist.  This was a pleasant surprise, for sure.

Yahtzee!!  Holy cow, what a great card this is!  Pat mentioned in his prior email to me that he had a 2013 Topps SP of Wright, but I wasn't really sure what he was talking about.  I kinda just figured he was repeating himself in regards to the Heritage short print.  But, to find this one in the package, listed as card #400, was a great thrill. Just...amazing!

Some more beauties from the cardboard universe of David Wright, and a pair of shiny ones to boot.  I've seen other bloggers comment about these Spring Fever cards, and I've seen the scans.  I have to completely agree, you have no clue how appealing they are til you see 'em with the naked eye.  And, what can you say about Topps Tribute?  Gorgeous cards on super-thick stock.  Numbered to /199, too.  Groovy!

Mr. Nose Job, also known as Jonathon Niese.  He surprisingly found his way into the "Chasing the Dream" checklist  in Series 1 Topps.  And now into my collection.

No longer a Met, but as I've stated before, Mr. Dickey will always have a special place in my collection.  It's not often a Mets player snags a prestigious individual award like R.A. did in 2012.  Like MVPs, Cy Young winners don't regularly roost in Flushing.

Finally, we have a nice surprise from the Topps Fan Favorites line.  This one is from 2004.  I absolutely love these sets, and have been trying to gobble up as many from the '04 and '05 sets as possible.  It doesn't hurt that this is Gregg Jefferies, either.

In short, this was a pretty badass "how do ya do?" from the Hot Corner.  Thanks for the great cards, Pat.  And good luck to those Tigers this year!


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