Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hot Stuff

I was the beneficiary of a recent cardboard purge over at Hot Corner Cards.  Not only did I receive a handsome sum of New York Mets, but a goodly number of horizontal beauties for my frankenset project.

This dapper-looking Keith Hernandez card was one of the many Mets highlights.  And there were many highlights.  A whole box full of 'em, in fact.

Here's a snapshot of some of the other noteworthy additions to my burgeoning Mets collection...

A new Mr. Met card for my collection is always a great occasion!

Woo Hoo!  A pair of '88 Topps box bottom cards!  I always look for these things on eBay, etc.

The Fonzie Topps Stars card in the top right and the Hundley Gallery on the bottom left are among my favorites of the lot.

One of my favorite Mets cards of 2014 is Travis d'Arnaud's Topps base card.  I'm happy to get as many of the variations of it that I can!

Still working my way towards a full page of Mets minis from A&G and Gypsy Queen.  This TdA rookie is a great addition to that pursuit.

This is from a 1983 Yogi Berra odball set.  I'd say this quintet qualifies for a pretty good baseball staff!

And now for a look at some of the horizontal highlights, or the elite eight, if you will.  Each of these has been granted a spot in the Horizontal Heroes frankenset...

1994 Pinnalce #22

If it sticks, this would be the second Derek Bell Padres-era card that would be in the set, joining his '94 Fleer (#655).

2012 Allen & Ginter #26

Gotta have Hunter Pence, right?  Even though I heard he doesn't like horizontal cards.

2012 Opening Day #91

One of the coolest photographs from the 2012 collection season.  Obviously pre-beard for Werth.

2014 Topps #156

Why is Morales out of focus??  Very strange.

2007 Upper Deck #197

Nothing flashy here, but just a good-looking photo of the ageless Ibanez tracking down a fly ball.

2007 Upper Deck #237

A catcher-in-gear-squatting photo that I couldn't say no to.

1992 Upper Deck #255

One of the most iconic Upper Deck cards from the early years of UD.  The Chicken makes the frankenset!

1993 Topps #628

A great on-deck shot of the former Jays third baseman.  I've also got Gruber's 1992 Topps card (#288) earmarked for the frankenset.  Both cards are outstanding.

Pat, I'm happy to have been the recipient of the cardboard bounty.  Thank you!



  1. That Yogi coaches card is spectacular.

  2. "Hey baby. How ya doin'? I'm Keith. Keith Hernandez."

    He is totally going in for the kill to steal someone's woman.

  3. Any time I see Hernandez I think of the "Magic Loogie" from Seinfeld.

  4. That "painting" of Keith Hernandez makes him look like an Asian Tony Orlando.

    ...And while I'm thinking of it, that "Chicken + Cecil" card goes on my wantlist...