Friday, August 8, 2014

YDF, 8.8.14

1996 Skybox E-XL #128

These '96 Skybox cards are reminiscent of what Gypsy Queen has going on today with its framed parallels. Except the E-XL cards featured glossy photos plus lots of silver foil stamping... A great closeup of the 1995 All-Star Game patch... Blurb from the back of the card: "Will wait forever for a pitch he can turn on."



  1. I always liked this set back in the day. I think I may have even completed it, but sadly it's lost along with the large majority of my original cards. Is that "her" typo from you, or the card back?!?! I'm guessing the reason you mentioned it is because it's like that on the card, which is pretty terrible if so!

    1. Ha, nope, that typo was courtesy of the dopey author of this post. Yikes.