Friday, September 19, 2014

YdF (Yer d'Aily Fix)

2011 Heritage Minors Clubhouse Collection Relic

I've decided that I really like Travis d'Arnaud and, in accord with that, Travis d'Arnaud cards.  Obviously I'll be attempting to track down all his Mets issues, but I'm also keen on grabbing his minor league cards, draft pick cards, high school cards, cards of him on the toilet -- you name it.  [Ed. Note: Too far?]  This one I got off eBay a couple weeks ago for a couple bucks shipped.  Not too shabby!



  1. Nice looking card, I love the back too!

  2. Also, I caught what you did with the post title, clever...

  3. Did little tykes really used to rock the crowns? I see those in old comics and cartoons all the time, and I'm starting to think it must have been a trend at some point.