Monday, September 29, 2014

A Coke, A Smile, and Some Mets

For all but 10 teams, Sunday marked the end of another baseball season.  And if you're a Mets fan like me, it's another losing season in the books for a franchise that has essentially been stuck in neutral since it won the NL East in 2006.

Never mind all that, though, as baseball cards have no offseason, thankfully.  That's reason enough for a big smile, right Joel?

And, lucky for me, the thoughtfully Mets-centric PWEs continue to trickle into Clubhouse HQ, also known as Kaz Manor here in Delaware.

Today's installment arrived courtesy of Pat's Hot Corner Cards.  Pat is surely ready to rock 'n roll with his Motown Bengals this postseason.  I wish them well, as David Price, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera helped me to a championship in my fantasy league this season.

The highlight of this PWE was a pair of cards from the 1981 Coca-Cola Mets team set.  These are the first Coca-Cola team set cards in my Mets collection.

Would it kill Topps and/or Coke to reintroduce this type of marketing into the marketplace today?  One way to give kids the baseball card bug is to shove these things into as many food and drink packages as you can.  It worked on me, after all.

But, I guess I'm assuming Topps or any other company even bothers to market to kids anymore.  Where's the profit in that, after all?  Sorry to be cynical, by the way.

Along with the Coke cardboard, was another addition to my David Wright collection...

Never one to wave the pom-poms for Panini's Triple Play product, I'll never turn my nose up at a Mets card, especially one of the "Face of the Franchise."

Lastly, Pat hit the bullseye with a Horizontal Heroes frankenset need:

Needed this number (149) plus it's a sneaky way of getting an additional Mets card into the set without actually putting an additional Mets card into the set.

The beauty of this card--like many from Stadium Club--is that this one coulda been a card of either of the players pictured without anyone batting an eye.

Plus, you gotta love the out-of-focus retired number of Casey Stengel on the outfield wall.  Man, I miss Shea.

A dandy quartet of cards, Pat.  Thanks again, and good luck to your Tigers!



  1. First off, thanks to you (and Pat) for sharing the most excellent Jerald Clark card (which immediately got added to my wantlist).

    Second... If you like those Coke cards, wait until you see the Dave Kingman, Randy Jones and Rusty Staub Coke cards. All three cards feature photos that are different than the regular or Update Topps set... although, unlike the Update set, all three are airbrushed into Mets uniforms. Doesn't matter, it's still some majorly cool stuff.

    I featured the Coca-Cola Rusty Staub in this post:

  2. I've been trying to track down all of the Red Sox ones myself.