Monday, November 10, 2014

YDF, 11.10.14 (aka A PWE for the ATMP)

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH281

Big-time thanks to Bert of Swing And A Pop-Up for providing the fodder for today's Daily Fix (which has become not-so-daily, I suppose...sorry!).  A nice PWE containing the very Chris Aguila card you see today, which is just right for my All-Time Mets Project.

Aguila, originally a third-round draft choice by the Marlins, put on the orange and blue for a brief time in 2008, appearing just eight games for the Amazins that season.  He went 2-for-12 with two walks as a Met.  And then, like Keyser Soze, he was gone.

The fact that a guy with just 12 ABs got a card is both troubling and wonderful, depending on who you ask.  I'd side with the latter characterization, since I'm a collector and I think every player who puts on the uniform should get a card.  The more, the better!

Thanks for the great addition to the Project, Bert!


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