Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Latest LCS Mystery Box

During my nice, leisurely Christmas break, I was really jones'in for one of those 'grab bag' boxes of baseball cards from my local card shop.  As usual, I wasn't disappointed. For five bucks, you don't have much room to piss and moan about getting 400 cards.  That's, like, a penny per card or something.

Always an interesting selection of years and brands.  Some cool additions for my various collections, including Mets (such as Mr. Floyd above), player collections and the Horiztonal Heroes frankenset.

There's always lots of Topps Total cards in these boxes, which is one of the reasons that I love grabbing them up.

A fine player, a good man, and a nice Upper Deck set ('97).

A Lenny Harris-as-a-Met card still eludes me, but Lenny as a Brewer is pretty cool, too.

I think this is my first Preston Wilson Astros card.  Frankly, I don't recall his time in Houston.

Oof.  Quiz is looking kinda drunk.  Or kinda relieved after a tough half-hour on the toilet.

From Topps Traded '99.  Nice-looking card of the well-traveled vet.  Love the Aaron patch on the sleeve.

Two years in Cleveland, 81 games and a 4-7 record.  Love this one.  Dusk-like background and the Chief Wahoo patch large and in charge.

I've seen this card around for years and promised myself I would snatch up a copy when/if I ever saw it in a dime box.  The waiting is over.

From Topps Traded.  When the HOFer took the reigns of the MLB-operated Expos.

Kind of obscene bat placement, but I'm an adult and I can be mature about it (disregard the toilet joke above). I'm a sucker for dugout shots, so I like this one.

Just your typical awesome Stadium Club photo.

Rookie reprint of Neon Deion.  Years before he would attack Tim McCarver with an ice bucket.

So many wonderful photos from '93 Upper Deck, which I suppose is my favorite UD set of all time.  I'm guessing Reimer struck out here.

Along with Topps Total, these mystery boxes also contain a lot of Traded or Update cards from the late '90s or early '00s.  Which works for me since I have zero to few of them.  Never heard of this chap, but I love the photo.

And, finally, maybe my favorite card of the lot...

Back-to-back Red Sox catchers to finish the post.  Varitek's incredible '04 Upper Deick issue gets instant induction to the Horizontal Heroes frankenset.  A beauty of a card!

Can't wait to pick up another one of these!



  1. That Varitek is a great play at the plate card.

  2. Man what a deal. Honestly almost worth a five spot for the cards you highlighted alone!

  3. I always wanted that Delino DeShields card when I was collecting as a teen... I'd more or less forgotten about it since I came back to collecting as an adult.