Saturday, March 14, 2015

Three Cards from the Hot Corner

Today, a trio of cards that arrived recently from Pat of Hot Corner Cards.  You know the drill by now: Send him your Tigers!

Anyhow, a couple of nice vintage additions to the ol' Mets collection, including the '76 Topps team card.  Joe Frazier, by the way, lasted just one season (1976) plus 45 games into the '77 campaign as Mets skipper before being supplanted by Joe Torre.

I had a copy of this Milner card already, but that one was tied up in my 1977 Topps set, which I'm still working on, by the way.  Anyhow, the copy Pat sent me was way better than the one I already possessed. Fantastic condition for a card that's nearly 40 years old.

Finally, a golden parallel of Ruben Tejada's 2010 Bowman card.  At this point, Ruben will be vying for a bench job on the Mets for the upcoming season, as he's been replaced at shortstop by Wilmer Flores.

A tip of the cap, Pat.  These cards are much appreciated!


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