Thursday, March 12, 2015

Horizontal Heroes, Page 6 (Cards 46-54)

It took me long enough, but here's another page of my Horizontal Heroes frankenset.  The goal is a 660-card set comprised of nothin' but horizontal cards.  This is what Page 6 looks like.

The final piece to this particular page came in a PWE from Nick a couple weeks ago.  It was the perfect punctuation mark on a pretty decent page.  Of course, this page isn't set in stone, as HH is meant to be a living, breathing compliation.  In other words, if I find a card three months from now that knocks my socks off, it may very well supplant one of these.

Here are cards Nos. 46 through 48...

46 -- Ryan Klesko, Padres, 2001 Stadium Club
47 -- Bret Barberie, Marlins, 1994 UD Collector's Choice
48 -- Wilton Guerrero, Expos, 1998 Fleer Tradition

Then cards 49 through 51...

49 -- Randy Tomlin, Pirates, 1994 Pinnacle
50 -- Todd Greene, Team USA, 1991 Topps Traded
51 -- Doug Dascenzo, Cubs, 1992 Leaf

And, finally, cards 52 through 54...

52 -- Kenny Lofton, Indians, 1997 Upper Deck
53 -- Leo Rosales, Diamondbacks, 2010 Upper Deck
54 -- Jeff Blauser, Braves, 1994 Score

Lots of neat cards on this page, but the 'Best of Page' honors would have to go to the '97 Lofton.  The Guerrero boys on the '98 Tradition is a solid silver, and I'll give the bronze to the Dascenzo (I love a good baserunning card).

If you're interested, you can keep track of my page-by-page progress on the appropriately titled tab at the top of the page.  This is only the second page I've posted, but there are plenty more to come!



  1. Love that Klesko. Glad I could help complete the page!

  2. Great stuff! I agree with you on Gold, Silver and Bronze actually!