Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vintage Values ('72 and '75 Edition)

I've been meaning to fill in some of the gaps in my 'vintage' Mets collection for some time now.  So, recently I swung by my local hobby shop and browsed through a couple of the '70s binders.  All the cards were either in "very good" or "excellent" condition, with most exhibiting perhaps minor corner/edge wear and occasional wrinkles (though not much of the latter, honestly).  Condition aside, for a quarter apiece, can you really go wrong?

I specifically focused on the 1972 and '75 sets.  Since I'm a chronological kinda guy, we'll start with the '72s I took home.  Included is the card in the lead-off spot of this post:  the 1972 Mets Rookie Stars tri-player card featuring the '72 NL Rookie of the Year, Jon Matlack.  Probably my favorite grab of the entire lot.

The rest of the '72s now...

Why didn't they center Duffy on this card?  Kinda drives my OCD wild.

This is my first card of Chuck Taylor, who played 20 games as a Met -- all during the '72 campaign.

And, now the '75s...

If the Matlack rookie is my favorite of this particular lot, Rusty is a solid second.

Jerry Grote and his mustache take the bronze.

Also, I did manage to get one non-Met...

Saw this one and instantly knew I had to have a copy.  I've been partial to Tanana cards ever since I was 10 and found out his birthday was also July 3.

All these for just four dollars total.  That's the type of value I can get behind!



  1. Sweet haul! I grabbed a pair of '72s for you at the show Friday and thankfully neither are in this post.

  2. Only $4! That's the way to do it. Nice batch.