Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zistle the 28th

Normally, I hunt for trades on Zistle in an effort to tack cards onto my ever-growing Mets collection.  Whether it be a huge exchange or small doesn't matter.  Every little bit is a victory and therefore worthy of celebration.

But, every so often I like to snag a card or two off the beaten path.  That is, non-Mets cards.

Such was the case with my 28th foray into the universe of Zistle trading.  My partner this time around was fellow member Rmiskid4.  The exchange was very heavy with 2015 Heritage base--nearly 50 to be more specific.  And that nearly knocked out all my needs from that set.  I won't bother inserting scans of those cards here since you've probably seen every one of 'em a million times over by now.  So, let's move along, shall we?

In addition to the hefty portion of Heritage, this trade featured a few more odds and ends from my want list. That includes the very manly card you see in the lead-off spot.  A true meat-and-potatoes slugger, this is Tettleton's true rookie from '85 Topps Traded.  Brilliant!

This George Springer card from last year's Gypsy Queen caught my eye for sure.  I mean, who doesn't love the old Astros tops?  Even if you think they're ugly (which of course they are) you at least have to appreciate them for being bold.  Pretty neat card and another piece for my embryonic Springer collection.

While branching out a tiny bit is fun, it all comes back to the Mets.  It always does.

I'm still in the process of trying to track down all the Mets from last year's gorgeous Stadium Club release.  With this Juan Lagares now in tow, I'm lacking just four of the 13 Amazins from the set.  What a tremendous photo here, by the way, right?  Spectacular!

I certainly do love and appreciate everything Tom Seaver stands for as it pertains to the Mets.  But, I mean, how many times can we see this same exact snapshot on latter day Topps cards of the Franchise?  This image has enough miles to circumvent the globe 18 times.

Finally--and at long last--I've managed to track down a copy of this Ryan tribute card from '90 Topps flagship. Been meaning to snag this card for my team collection for longer than I care to admit.  This Ryan subset was really well done.  If you're a fan of '90 Topps, what's not to like??

Mickey, Springer and the Mets.  All in all, a pretty neat little trade.