Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 TSC Blaster

All right, let's dig into this blaster of 2016 Stadium Club and see how I did!

Pack 1:

Pack 1 Recap:  My first TSC card of the year is a Phillie.  Bleh!  But, it's at least a very cool action shot of an airborne Freddy Galvis.  The horizontal Vizquel is great, and my first Mets card of the box is recently-demoted catcher Kevin Plawecki.  Rounded out by exciting youngsters Springer and Kepler, this was a solid start!

Pack 2:

Pack 2 Recap:  My first parallel of the blaster is a gold foil Volquez.  The golds are 1:4 packs.  The Henry Aaron black 'n white card is the star of this pack, though.

Pack 3:

Pack 3 Recap:  A mostly ho-hum affair, but a Nola rookie and an uber-TSC photo of Hall of Famer Robin Yount are noteworthy.  If you're into bubbles, Nelson Cruz has something for you.

Pack 4:

Pack 4 Recap:  A pair of nice horizontal shots with Carpenter and Dozier take a backseat to Francisco Lindor's sharp-lookin' rookie.  Do you remember when getting a Ryan Howard card was an occasion?

Pack 5:

Pack 5 Recap:  Now we're cookin'!  I'm biased, but that Syndergaard is my favorite card of the box.  Kung-fu Wilson and a Mazara rookie are certain highlights.  And that First Day Issue of Brandon Belt is a good find--those parallels are seeded 1:356 packs.

Pack 6:

Pack 6 Recap:  My first 'insert' of the box is a Bryce Harper "Contact Sheet," seeded 1:16 packs, so I beat the odds.  My third Met is a celebratory Jeurys Familia.  I like!

Pack 7:

Pack 7 Recap:  A most excellent pack here, featuring the exciting Bryant plus my fourth Met and an epic Ozzie Smith landscape -- possibly during All-Star festivities at The Vet?

Pack 8:

Pack 8 Recap:  A tremendous photo of the now-underwhelming Harvey; Spring Training photo of Cueto; another gold parallel (Liriano); and I don't know what Moose is doing to his jersey.

No real fireworks here, but a very fun and satisfying first taste of '16 Stadium Club.  I got five Mets, an insert of the reigning NL MVP, and a rare First Day Issue parallel.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a hobby box.  Or maybe even doing one of those online team breaks for the Mets.  I guess I'm really into this set!



  1. All I can say is: God I love this set.

  2. I wasn't too sold on this when the details were first released but the more I see it, the more I like it.