Monday, December 2, 2013

Holy Cow-gill (Again?!)

A surprise fleet of PWEs arrived at Kaz Manor late last week thanks to that Tigers-crazy blogger, Pat, over at Hot Corner Cards.  And boy were there some whoppers in those simple little envelopes!

Last month, you may recall a post in which I included a scan of a Collin Cowgill auto from this year's Topps "Chasing History" subset; it was kindly sent my way from Adam in Upstate NY.  At the time I expressed shock and disbelief that such a thing existed, given Cowgill's brief time as a Met plus his somewhat underwhelming portfolio.

Well, imagine my amazement when the above Cowgill auto stared back at me when I opened one of the PWEs from Pat.  Unlike the prior sample, this one features a photo that is not a Photoshop job.  Plus, the stat category is a bit more impressive -- albeit not exactly monumental -- than "No Errors."  I certainly remember that game and Cowgill's big blast in the 7th.  What a way for the Mets to open the season.  I thought for sure they'd win 100 games this past year.  (Or not.)

A very cool card and, just like its cardboard cousin, a very unique collectible.  A great pull, Pat!

But, that wasn't the lone bit of ink that Pat dug up...

A former UCLA Bruin and a 2010 24th round draft pick by the Mets, Erik Goeddel posted a 9-7 mark for the Double-A Binghamton Mets this past year.  In the pitching-rich New York farm system, Goeddel kinda gets lost in the shuffle.  But, make no mistake, the righty has big league stuff.  It's just a matter of what role he might fill at the top level of the sport.

In addition to the autos, there were some pretty snazzy Chrome goodies to be had in this PWE bounty.  That includes a pair of Mets All-Stars featured in the Update Chrome collection...

 ...and a few youngsters of the Heritage Chrome variety...

And to cap it off, Pat was able to eliminate a few cards from my 2013 Archives checklist.  The highlight of that crop is the very elusive...

...Millville, NJ's own Mike Trout!  Woo hoo!  I thought I'd have to beg, borrow and steal to knock this one off my want list.  Well worth the wait!

Great stuff, Pat, thanks for the very cool surprise delivery!  I'll give a look to your Nothing But Tigers want list -- as should all of you good folks out there -- to see if I can't aid your very ambitious and exceptionally cool project.


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