Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Eggs

A good Easter was had at the Kaz house, and I hope the same was true of all my card-collecting friends out there!

When I was a boy, the best part of Easter--besides the mountains of candy--was finding packs of baseball cards in my Easter basket.  And, now that I'm a bigger boy, I still look forward to that thanks to my lovely wife who still fixes me a basket every Easter and stocks it full of fun surprises.

One staple over the past few Easters has been a blaster box of Heritage, which was there without fail this year. Among of the highlights of the pack rip was the above Nolan Ryan insert.  "A Legend Begins" is a Target-only insert set that chronicles the ascendancy of the Hall of Fame flame-thrower.  Of course, one of the cards has to feature Ryan in Mets duds since that's where the Express began.

Yes, it's a recycled photo from last year's Heritage insert set, but I like the design of this one much better.  Plus, they didn't photoshop the background this year.

Aside from the packs of Heritage and flagship, the best part of this year's basket of baseball goodies were a few singles that Mrs. K carefully selected from COMC.

Perfect for Easter--purple Toys R Us parallels!!!

She claims she didn't get the purple cards cos they were Eastery, but I think she did.  And, I'm okay with that if it so happens to be the case.  Either way, these are tremendous!  Not to mention my first Toys R Us parallels.

Topps ditched the red and blue parallels for the retail giants in 2015, but apparently kept the colored parallel for the monster toy chain.  Go figure!

And, for the finale, building upon the Juan Lagares theme from my previous post...

Beautiful!  The base card itself features an amazing photo, but it looks even better with the colorful border.


Most beautiful!  And numbered to 396.  I don't have very many of these Topps debut cards, never mind the colored parallels, so I was psyched.  I reeeeeally like this card.  I am confused by the photo, however, as it appears Lagares--an outfielder--is turning a double play,  Anyhow, I sure have certainly gotten some great Lagares cards recently and this one might be the tops!

It's pretty tough to beat a basket full of Cadbury eggs and baseball cards, is it not?


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