Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Enjoy the Silence (aka Holy Hoyle, Batman!)

This one is hot off the presses.  I couldn't wait to share the contents of the envelope that arrived at my house on Monday afternoon.  It was from Mark Hoyle.  And, if you follow the sports card blogging circles even passively, you know that means something special.

I have read a good number of awesome Mark Hoyle trade posts on various blogs, including that of my pal Shane at Shoebox Legends.  The yields of Mr. Hoyle's packages are always quite epic and full of unbelievable vintage scores.

So, when Mark contacted me via Shane in regards to some '77 Topps cards, I was equal parts honored and excited.  The '77 set is my vintage pet project, as I acquired a bulk of the set in one shot when my uncle unloaded all of his boyhood cards on me about a decade ago.  I've been slowly and steadily been working on it since then, with no real pressure or rush.

Well, Mark put together a stack of 50 cards off my '77 want list, and that stack arrived at Kaz Manor today.

As you will see -- and if the iconic Reggie Jackson card above is any indication -- Mr. Hoyle crafted a whopper of a package.  Here are the highlights, presented to you without any annoying interruptions from your's truly.  After all, the cards speak for themselves.  As Depeche Mode put it, "Words are very unnecessary, they will only do harm."

Here we go...

Suffice to say, Mark knocked a lot of toughies off my want list.  The Rose, Carter and Munson are my absolute favorites.  The Reggie, as mentioned earlier, is one of the iconic cards of the '70s, so that's a gem, too.  And, I mean, you can't go wrong with a Dale Murphy rookie either, can you?

Thanks to this extraordinary delivery, I'm just a shade over 100 cards needed to actually complete this beautiful set.  Still a few big hurdles to clear, including the Seaver, Ryan, Brett and Schmidt cards.  But like I said, I'm in no rush to get this done in any sort of time frame.  Thus, I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

And, yes, the silence, too.

Thanks again for an incredible group of cards, Mark.  I am truly humbled!



  1. Mark always sends great stuff out to people. Those are great 77s!

  2. I really like 77 Topps for having all the 1976 Bicentennial patches. Great stuff, as always, from Mark!

  3. Wow!That Carter Is too damn cool!

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