Friday, April 24, 2015

PWE Ping Pong

My on-going match of PWE ping pong (you prefer table tennis?) with Shane at Shoebox Legends is really a thing to behold.  The regularity with which I receive tremendous nine-card offerings from Shane is simply amazin'!  He never fails to 'wow' me with the assortment of Mets cards he's able to dig up.

These 2005 Topps Rookie Cup base cards are fantastic, so much so that I had been recently hunting for them on eBay.  There are quite a few Mets in the set, including the likes of Gooden, Strawberry, Swoboda and Seaver to name a few.  Koosman joins Gregg Jefferies as the only cards of the Mets persuasion that I own.  Good find, Shane!

I'm a sucker for oddballs of any variety, so these next two were right up my alley.

This is from a set called Action Superstars produced by the Broder company in 1988.  Not a whole lotta action happening on this Kevin Elster card, and even less on the back...

Doesn't matter. These are the bee's knees!

Gregg Jefferies looks like he's posing for his Little League photo.  Seriously, is that cap made of foam and mesh or what?  Terrific!

Here, Captain Kirk has advanced past light speed and is approaching ludicrous speed on this green 'n sparkly card.  "They've gone...plaid!"

I recently realized that there are a crap-load of A&G base cards that are missing from my Mets collection.  Like, a lot.  I guess I never felt the need to chase them before.

How wrong I was.

I was wrong, not Wright.

Very wrong, indeed.

But, no need to lash myself over it unnecessarily.  Plenty of time and opportunity to make things right.  Especially if I keep getting assistance from my blogging buddies.

Wilmer's second Heritage 'solo' card.  He shared a rookie prospects card with Travis d'Arnaud in last year's base set and then was featured in a stand-alone in the 100-card High Number set thereafter.  Flores, while perhaps questionable defensively, is starting to find his stroke in the bigs after years of big offensive production the minors.

And I've saved the best for last...

A most excellent on-card auto of former super blue-chipper Alex Escobar, who was supposed to be the second-coming of Darryl Strawberry.  We're still waiting, by the way.

But, forget the player, this is a brilliant card.  A beautiful signature , a solid photo and a sharp design.  It's a winner!

Shane, you've outdone yourself again.  Thanks for a perfect assortment of Mets!

As of this moment, I'm 11 shy of 5,800 unique Mets cards in my collection!



  1. Glad you liked everything, that Nieuwenhuis was too obnoxious to leave behind.

  2. Love the Broder cards. They were plentiful back in the day