Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Delightful Deception

You ever been rooting through a dime box and come across a card you already have but can't turn down another copy of it because ya just love it so much?

That's the case with Ken Griffey, Jr.'s 1990 Topps card.  In all it's Rookie Cup glory, this card stands above all other cards in the Kid's regular Topps cards in my opinion.  Even his '89 Topps Traded card, which is one of the greatest cards of all time.  (Though, if you catch me on the right day, I'll flip-flop 'em.  Hey, they're both great, what can I say?)

But, something about the combination of elements on this card.  The totally '90s border; the deep orange of the team name and player name plate; the fresh-faced Griffey; the bat-over-shoulder pose; and of course the Cup. It's as close to cardboard perfection as you can concoct.  I'd buy this card for a dime 24/7.

But, the best part of this particular card?

It's one that I didn't already own after all...

English and French text.  Slightly discolored card stock.  It all equates to... O-Pee-Chee!!

I don't think I have any other 1990 OPC cards in my collection, so I was caught off-guard that the front of the card had a "Topps" logo and not the O-Pee-Chee designation.  And, I didn't even realize what I had on my hands until several days after the show at which I grabbed this card.  I was in the process of sorting and scanning and I did a double-take on the back.  Boy, was I thrilled!

Have any of you had an experience like this?



  1. I used to get caught off-guard with OPCs a lot, but now I make sure to check the backs of most of the cards I dig through to make sure I'm not missing anything.

  2. Haven't had a surprise OPC but maybe there's one lurking in a box I'm not aware of. I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the '90 Topps Griffey, that was the card that made the set for me as a kid, even more so than the Frank Thomas rookie or Nolan Ryan subset that kicked the set off, which are both fantastic as well.

    What a dime box score!

  3. I always assumed OPC cards with designs that matched Topps still had the OPC logo on the front, and usually different numbering. Now I have to go flip through all my 1990 Topps and see if any are lurking.