Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Topps Product? Sure, Why Not?!

Searching for Mets cards on Ebay brought 2016 Topps Bunt to my attention a week or so ago.  When I saw an 11-card Mets team set for a Buy It Now price of $1.50 (plus shipping) I quickly threw my imaginary money at the faceless vendor and moved on with my life.

What I didn't know is that this wasn't some sort of special set that was only available for purchase at the Topps website or whatever.  Turns out it's available quite readily at the usual retail spots for cheap.  No matter, I wouldn't change my purchase decision with that knowledge.

My feelings on this release?  I'm pleased Topps is offering another consumer-friendly baseball card product with a fresh design and some new photos.  Some bloggers I respect have opined that they would prefer this to take the place of Opening Day, and I'd be all for that!  But, if they keep OD in the same format and keep Bunt as an additional thing each year, I'd be happy, too.

The card stock is kinda weak -- probably on par with those old promo cards you used to get in your packs.  But, you don't buy a baseball card called "Bunt" and expect something sturdy, right?  Certainly not for the price point.

The back. Nothing extraordinary.

As for the look, it instantly reminded me of an old eTopps design.  I suppose that's fitting since these cards are based off the Bunt computer/phone app -- of which I have zero connection or interest in.

I got a look at some of the insert sets via blogger posts and other websites and, well, they're actually pretty neat. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at future card shows.

For now, I've got the base Mets from the 200-card set.  And, here they are...

Now, I'm probably in the minority on this matter, but I'd prefer to not have any more sets feature retired players or HOFers.  Yes, it's cool to get new cards of Mike Piazza and Doc Gooden, but I'd like to get new cards of current players even more so.  Plus, I mean, we've already got Archives, A&G and GQ for our old guys fix, right?  And it sure woulda been nice for this 2016 team set to have Familia, Duda and Colon instead of the three retired players.  But, again, that's just me.

Bottom line, Bunt is a fun cheap product in a hobby world that is lacking in fun, cheap products.  And that's a good thing.



  1. Totally agree on the retired players point - let's save that for sets built around nostalgia. I haven't got anything from this set yet, but it sure looks intriguing.

  2. I'm looking forward to running into these at retail at some point.Your spot on with the eTopps comparison.I've been dabbling In Bunt for a little under a year now and I've seen some neat looking cards come out of their database.I like It because they make It so inserts aren't a dime a dozen.I can appreciate the inserts more there because they are much harder to come by than they are in your average pack of Topps baseball cards. I've amassed a pretty large collection of digital cards already and all for free.If anything It gives you a preview of cards you don't already own and now,with the physical release,a peak at what's to come.

  3. So many retired players played during the 90s glut of wax too so most of their old cards are so easy to find I agree I prefer to get more current players represented!

  4. Agreed agreed agreed re: retired players. They had their time & their then current cards. Though I suspect resistance is futile...

  5. Eleven Mets, huh? Only five Padres. Yeah, I'm kinda over retired players in almost every set, but I still wouldn't mind a cheap Gwynn now and then. I'm all about the price point on these ones, even if the card stock isn't great.