Saturday, September 8, 2012

His Insanity, My Gain

As many of you are familiar, Robert over at $30 a Week Habit is working on a mega-set project he lovingly refers to as "Serial Numbered Insanity".  In case you're unfamiliar, give it a look HERE.  A very original, very cool idea.

I made a small contribution recently and, in exchange, Robert was nice enough to shoot me a few cards to help out with my Topps Series 2 inserts list.

Gold Standard, #GS-36 & GS-41
Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the Topps inserts that leave a lot of dead space.  But this set managed to capture my favor thanks to the gold coin thingie, plus there is at least a big inscription to fill the void underneath said coin.  Also, you can't beat the premise of this insert set: all the players who have reached those hallowed career milestones.  I was able to finish the Series 1 version, and I'm slowly but surely making my way through the follow-up rendition.

Cal, Verlander and Storen
Naturally, we all love die cuts, don't we?  Series 2 brought us "Topps Cut Above", which was almost universally approved by the collecting fraternity.  I'd really like to finish this set.  Great player selection, cool-looking card, nice photography.  Nothing to hate.  But, perhaps my favorite of the 2012 flagship inserts (not including the '87 minis because, you know, those are on their own pedestal) is the "Gold Futures" offering.  Loaded with young stars and sporting a sharp design, this set kicks serious backside.

By the way, speaking of "Gold Futures," it dawned on me upon looking at this Drew Storen card that this design isn't too dissimilar from another recent Topps product:

2012 Topps Football, #197

What do you think?  The team logo on the football card is encased in a football-shaped enclosure, but otherwise the idea is the same.  I know a lot of people really dig the look of `12 football and are happy that Topps didn't just mimic the baseball design.  Same here.  But, it looks like the design team at Topps didn't veer too far into the weeds for their football decor.  Just some food for thought.

Anyhow, thanks a bunch for the inserts, Robert!  And continued luck with your Insanity...


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  1. Thank you as well!! Always appreciate a trade that helps both parties out.