Saturday, September 29, 2012

Topps Series 2: Eight to Go!

Last Friday, I posted about my experience with a scuzzball dealer at the Concord Mall sports memorabilia show. In case you missed it, the guy was trying to nickel and dime me on individual 2012 Topps Series 2 and Heritage cards.  He placed his left hand on his Beckett and swore he was only doing what any decent seller would.

Anyhow, in response to that story, Adam at ARPSmith's Sports Card Obsession generously offered up some Series 2 and Heritage cards off my "Wanted!" list.

And, today they arrived!

Thanks to Adam's contribution, I'm happy to report that my Series 2 base card checklist is down to single digits.  Eight to be exact.

Here are the six crucial cards he sent my way:

Additionally, he chipped in towards a couple of the Series 2 insert sets I'm working on:

Topps "Cut Above"

Topps "Gold Futures"

And, last but not least, eight wonderful '12 Heritage cards:

I'm getting close on this set, as well.  Still 23 to go, but I've made some great progress over the last month or so. I have to say, working on the 2012 Heritage set has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I've had in this hobby in a long time.  I'm gonna be a little sad when I'm done with the 425-card base set.  No worries, though, because putting the SP checklist to sleep won't be accomplished any time soon.

Adam, thanks a million for these cards!


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  1. I haven't made any effort to complete series 2 yet (and update just about here), I'm way behind.

    Just realized that's the first I've seen of Jeter's 2012 card. It's a great looking card and just the motivation I need to go take care of the set. I'm still probably about 10 packs away from reaching the point where I'll start targeting specific cards. I see a stop at Target in my near future.

    Do you need the Jason Bay #475 2012 Heritage still? I can stick it in an envelope if you do.