Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yer Daily Fix, 7.13.14

2006 Upper Deck #761
[Ed. Note: Yer Daily Fix, or YDF for short, is intended to be a snack-sized blog post for each day featuring a card that is at least mildly interesting. Minimal commentary. Think of it as my blog version of a tweet.  Or not.]

YARR!!  Delaware native Ian Snell is the inaugural YDF. With--or without--a snarling sailor over his shoulder, Snell captured 14 victories for the Buccos in 2006.



  1. Didn't know that the Pirate logo-guy wore eye-black. The strip under his right eye seems unnecessary, right?

  2. Looking forward to more of these, and I couldn't agree more about the eye-black under the eye-patch!