Friday, July 18, 2014

Yer Daily Fix, 7.18.14

1989 Topps Tiffany #480

It's nearly impossible to tell from the scan, but this is a fancy Topps Tiffany card.  According to people who know much more than I, the print run of the '89 Tiffany set was 25,000.  I'd love to own a complete '89 Tiffany set some day, as this is my favorite year of Topps ever.  Keith's card set me back $0.49 on eBay recently.



  1. I really like that card. Was just thinking the other day, I don't believe I have a single Topps Tiffany card in my collection at all. Gonna have to fix that!

  2. I have the Tiffany '87 Topps set still in the fancy factory box. I need to put it into pages. I love the regular ol' '87 Topps, but the Tiff set really is beautiful on that white stock. Thanks for the reminder: I need to keep an eye out for an '89.