Wednesday, August 20, 2014

YDF, 8.20.14

1991 Topps Debut '90 #153

As I'm sure you know, The Big Hurt's true Topps rookie card appeared in the 1990 base set.  Whether you love or hate the #1 Draft Pick subset cards, that one was a pretty iconic collectible during that time (and it probably still is...I think so, anyways).  As for the card pictured in today's post, it's from the '90 Debut boxed set.  Not as exciting as Thomas' XRC or even his '91 base card, but still a pretty cool piece from the Hall of Famer's cardboard timeline.



  1. I like these sets. I have a few cards from this (not that one though).

  2. Very nice card! As a '90 Topps guy I prefer the iconic card from the year prior, but this one's cool also. Might have to pick up a copy for myself!