Tuesday, August 26, 2014

YDF, 8.26.14

2002 Upper Deck #678

This card, specifically the lady wearing the Gilligan hat in the background, triggers a memory from 2001.  I was a senior in college and my buddies and I went to the Vet to see a Mets/Phillies Labor Day matinee.  Shinjo played LF for the Mets that day.  In the left-field stands, where we sat, we were joined by a sizable throng of Japanese fans--mostly women--in their 20s or 30s.  They basically screamed and waved to Shinjo the entire game.  Some of them had handmade signs and banners that undoubtedly pledged undying love and devotion to the man.  By the way, it was a great game, which the Mets won 10-7 thanks to a five-run top of the ninth.  Shinjo had two hits and an RBI on the afternoon.



  1. Great card! I still collect Mr. Shinjo to this day, although I'm not quite sure why.

  2. I collect Shinjo as well... There's just something about him. I guess that's why the ladies love Tsuyoshi....