Saturday, June 13, 2015

Zistle the Eighth & Ninth

I've fallen behind on my trade posts, so I figured I would bang out a pair of Zistle trades -- my eighth and ninth -- in one big post.

So here we go!

First up, an exchange with member Rosenort who you may also know as the blogger behind Condition Sensitive. Some Rockies and 2012 Archives went his way, and mostly Mets my way.  Like the cool El Sid card from '91 Score, a set that I loved as a kid, hated when I got a bit older and now love once again today.

And a pair of HoJos...

A few from '91 Topps that I was shamefully missing...

Even more shamefully, a duo of '90 Donuss...

I'm sorry to subject you to these.  They're Mets cards, though, so it's all part of the fabric!

So are these, from assorted sets and years...

My second Jeff Innis card of the trade, in case you're keeping score at home.

And another Sid Fernandez card to complete the hat trick.

The problem with Opening Day, colored parallels, and those factory team sets that Topps puts out is that you're tricked into thinking you already have the regular ol' base card when you really don't.  Such was the case with this Murph from 2013.  Thank goodness for Zistle!

Without question, this Piazza insert was the marquis Mets card of the trade.  It's tough to tell from the scan, but this is from 2001 Fleer Futures.  It's part of an insert set called "Characteristics" and it features a Chinese character which symbolizes a strength of the depicted player.  I actually remember these from the Futures NBA set, but didn't know they had 'em for baseball.

And, just for a fun, a pair of non-Mets cards...

Because it's Willie McGee and it's a fun card.  I like Willie.

And rounding out my trade with Rosenort...

I know he plays for the enemy, but I like Rendon and think he's gonna have a long and productive career in Washington.  I also kinda have a thing about trying to track down Chrome rookies of players I like.

That rounds out Trade No. 8.  Thanks for the cards!

And now onto No. 9, this one with member royals.  Predictably, a bunch of Royals went his way and a bunch of Mets came in return.

Three more Mo cards bring my total to 22 unique cards of the hulking first baseman in my Mets collection.

Not to be outdone by Big Mo, how about three from Big Al...

These three bring my Leiter count to 43.  Al was a Met for seven years and pitched for them during the late '90s and early '00s, so you know there are oodles of cards of him out there.  I've got a lot of work to do on this particular corner of my collection!

Another of the seemingly infinite number of sets produced by Fleer during the early years of this century.  I gotta admit I wasn't very familiar with this one -- Patchworks -- prior to this trade.

A couple more from 2004 Upper Deck...

A sliding Super Joe and a rookie of Jae Seo.  A good combo!

Former prospect Prentice Redman, who appeared in just 15 big league games...

This next guy threw a few innings for the Mets during his career...

The last of the trio is from 1993 Donruss Triple Play.  A part of the swell "Nicknames" insert set.

Here's the rest of the Mets from the trade...

The MVP of the 1986 Fall Classic gets the '86 Topps treatment in Fan Favorites!

You may not recall, and you'd be forgiven if you don't, but David Cone ended his big league career with the Mets in 2003 after a year away from baseball.  The former All-Star won just one of his four decisions during his very brief second go-round with the Amazins.  

I've had that Fonzie card on my 'wish list' for a long time, so I'm really happy to finally own it!

Matt Lawton came to New York at the deadline in 2001 when the Mets traded Rick Reed to the Twins.

Maybe one of the worst signings in club history?  Jason Bay hit .234 with 26 home runs over three injury plagued seasons in Queens.

And we finish with the non-Mets portion of the exchange...

Yep, Anthony Rendon again.  This one is a Heritage short print, though, so this was a Level 1 acquisition!

Finally, a three spot of cool horizontal cards from 2002 Fleer Ultra...

The original 'EY' will definitely find a home in my Horizontal Heroes frankenset!

While these next two will join the player collection box...

Preston Wilson teeing off against his old team at Shea Stadium.

Sheff going into full slide-mode to rob a base hit.

And that's a wrap on two more Zistle deals!  Thanks for sticking with me through a long and overdue trade post!


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  1. I never realized Cone had any cards issued during his second go-around with the Mets. I'll have to pick that one up for myself one of these days. Great trades!