Friday, December 11, 2015

One Met at a Time

[Ed. Note: Since my Mets collection recently eclipsed the 7k plateau, I figured it might be fun to drop in a few single-card posts here and there to celebrate the achievement.]

Player:  Zack Wheeler

Card Info:  2015 Topps Stadium Club, #18

This is a classic Stadium Club photo choice if there ever was one.  Obviously, you know by now that Topps did a bang-up job with the 2015 edition of TSC.  They may have formally brought the brand back from the dead in 2014, but the '15 offering featured a broader checklist and had more of the stuff we love in terms of fun and totally unpredictable photos.

At the time of this writing, this is one of 40 Zack Wheeler cards in my Mets collection.  (And it might be my favorite at this moment!)



  1. Isn't It great to have a relevant pitching staff again?!I love the Mets pitcher group shots that have been released this year.I can't wait to have all of them on one card together.

  2. Kind of got lost in the shuffle with all the other great cards in the set, but the Wheeler is definitely one my favorites from 2015 Stadium Club.

  3. I agree, great card for sure. The one card post is a great blogging tool, some days it's all you've got time for!