Monday, January 11, 2016

Burger and a Coke

Nothing beats a delicious flame-grilled Whopper sandwich paired with an icy-cold Coca-Cola Classic, am I right or what?

All we need is a side of golden, crispy fries and life would be swell!

Silliness aside, I found these early '80s oddballs while digging through a few Grade-A dime boxes at last month's local card show.  Seriously, I only was able to make it through three of this guy's six or seven boxes until I ran out of money and time.  He said he'd be back at this month's show, and so will I.

Joining Keith for dinner is Hall of Famer Tom Seaver.  Talk about a 'table for two!'  Franchise and Mex, two of the all-time great Mets.  Alas, both shown as members of other teams.  Nonetheless, these were no-brainers to snag for a dime each.

The world certainly was a better place when fast food kings and soft drink giants issued trading cards for promotional purposes.

At least that's my belief, and I'm sticking to it!



  1. WHOA! Doesn't get much better than that for forty cents!

  2. Excellent pickup! Can't beat that for 4 dimes.

    FYI, these two Burger King cards have different photos than their regular Topps counterparts... Not the case for the entire set, but true for those two and a number of others. Some of the Coke cards have different photos and/or are updated for new teams, but these two are more-or-less "parallels" of 1981 Topps.

  3. Gotta love those '80s food/drink oddballs, especially at a dime a pop.

  4. I'd pay two bucks each for those cards -- dime boxes WHERE ARE YOU?????

  5. That is a buy every time. Great stuff!

  6. Mmmmm. A burger, fries, and a Coke. This post made me hungry.