Saturday, January 16, 2016

Throwback Thor

Did you know there was a website-only "mini" parallel set of 2015 Topps baseball cards?  Well, I'm sure many of you did because you're sufficiently plugged into the hobby.  Also, I think Topps has done this over the past few years.  I guess I probably knew, too, but I didn't give it much thought because it's not really my cup of tea.  Don't get me wrong, I'll take any Mets cards of any size, but they're not necessarily the thing I'll bend over backwards for.

Anyhow, 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the '75 set which introduced collectors to the 'mini' format.  And, as a means to commemorate this fact, each factory mini set included a 10-card insert series done in the style of the original '75s.  The checklist includes some primo names like Kershaw, Harper, McCutchen and Trout, as well as big-time rookies such as Buxton, Lindor and Bryant.

And, as you can see above, Thor himself!

I only learned of the existence of this mini retro Syndergaard a few weeks ago--quite accidentally at that.  You know how it goes: Browsing eBay will allow to stumble upon some pretty neat stuff from time to time.  That was the case with this card.  It was love at first sight, too.  A 'had to have it!' moment, really.  Just a couple of clicks and a couple of bucks (and free shipping) brought this one home and into my collection.

The rest of the cards from this retro insert set are equally as sharp-looking.  If you want this 10-card release bad enough, you can snag if for probably 20 bucks, give or take, off eBay.  Or, if you love minis in general, just snag the complete 700-card factory set off the secondary market for under 50 bucks, which will also get your the '75 inserts.



  1. Nice card! I had no idea that this existed, I'll definitely keep an eye out for one... Hopefully cheaper than they're currently selling for on COMC, anyway.

  2. Hadn't heard of those but I like it!

  3. I featured the Kershaw on my blog a few weeks ago. I'm a '75 freak, but it's really the only one I want.

  4. I've been doing the "couple of bucks,couple of clicks" thing myself lately.It's just like buying singles at your LCS,only from the comfort of your home :) I'm not big on minis (although any Thor card Is a winner in my book),but I'm sure eventually the bug will hit me.