Friday, January 15, 2016

Seeing the Doctor (aka Not So Common After All)

I'm still working my way towards getting caught up with trade posts and Christmas posts and such.  Working 13 hour days each of the last three days didn't help, but I just began a four-day weekend, so that should get me back on track!

The iconic card you see in the lead-off spot was perhaps my best cardboard acquisition of 2015.  That is the real deal 1984 Topps Traded XRC of Dwight Gooden.  It's not a reprint, not a Card Your Mom Threw Out nor an Archive.

This little piece of art was part of a Just Commons order I placed back in November.   I really didn't expect to find this card listed on the site, and certainly didn't think it would be priced as reasonably as it was.  Five bucks. Just five bucks for one of the best rookie cards of the '80s?!  Sign me up!  And it was in seemingly flawless condition, too.


This has been one of those cards that I've had on my radar since...well...forever!  Completely stoked to have it in my collection finally.

Now I just have to track down its partner in crime--the '83 Traded Strawberry.  Perhaps it's "in the cards" for 2016...



  1. Congrats, nice card! Nice to see real deals once in a while amongst all chrome and reprint postings. There's an '83 Topps Traded Strawberry going for $11 on comc right now..not five bucks but not HORRIBLE, either.

  2. I've always wanted to own a copy of Dwight's rookie, congrats Mark!